Low Vision Services in Gurgaon

Kriti  Eldercare  features a medical, optical, and holistic approach, to senior eye care that is specially developed for older adults with vision impairment. Our services include: Low Vision Services in Gurgaon

  • A full range of care and services to promote physical, psychosocial and mental well-being
  • A geriatric eye care program which includes a low vision exam to ensure the comprehensive treatment of eye disease and to promote eye health.
  • Dedicated staff trained in the delivery of low vision services.
  • An occupational therapist on site to educate low vision older adults in negotiating living spaces independently.
  • A programming calendar featuring poetry readings, creative writing, art therapy, sculpting, music and physical fitness to keep seniors challenged, successful, and socialized.

Low Vision Living

Surroundings support a healthy relationship of mind and body, essential to the well-being of residents, families, visitors and staff

  • A Media Room with task and overhead lighting for easy viewing of low vision computers and keyboards.
  • Lighting and design elements that support safe travel, minimizing visual disabilities and maximizing autonomy.
  • Living spaces that stream with daylight and open views of the Hudson River, George Washington Bridge and Palisades – when needed, special blinds reduce glare.
  • Dining spaces that feature well-lit, open floor plans in an attractive, contemporary setting.
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